Commodities and Managed Futures

Futures Trading in an Equity Institutional IRA

Equity Institutional permits its accounts to trade futures and commodities in a futures account that is traded by:
  • A registered commodity trading adviser (CTA)
  • A trader that is not a registered CTA
  • An account holder who wants to trade his or her own futures or commodities
Please refer to Equity Institutional's Futures Trading Direction of Investment Form for complete information.

In addition to not requiring a cash hold-back, a self-directed IRA with Equity Institutional offers these advantages:
  • A competitive IRA annual fee – including a low first-year annual fee!
  • No minimum balance to open the IRA account
  • A choice of IRA types – Traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE
  • The flexibility to hold other public or private investments within the same account
  • Online access 
  • Easy-to-read quarterly account statements

Open a New Equity Institutional IRA

To open an IRA, access our online IRA Application.

Need Help?

For assistance in setting up an IRA or understanding Equity Institutional's requirements, contact 855-355-ALTS (2587).

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