How will accounts be serviced

Equity Institutional: the new standard in Relationship Management

Equity Institutional has a unique model.  We cater to financial professionals that would like offer their clients alternative investments in a retirement account.  Equity Institutional provides IRAs, qualified retirement plans and nonqualified custodial accounts for non-traditional and traditional assets.  We can also provide an institutional business model and a personal relationship manager for RIAs, Broker/Dealers or Investment Sponsors that have ongoing business being delivered to us.

Equity is here exclusively to serve you, not compete for your clients

At Equity Institutional, we will never try to take your clients from you by offering competing products or services. Our focus is exclusively on working with you and helping to expand your business. Equity Institutional does not offer any retail or proprietary investment products and does not provide investment, tax or legal advice; nothing to compete with you for your clients.